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Aguilar AG 4J-Hot 4-String J Bass Pickup Set - Hot

Used Like New

Serial: 4546481

UPC: 824599001121

$189.99 USD $249.99


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Brand : Aguilar

Brand New with Warranty​​​​​​​. We are an authorized Aguilar dealer.

Larger 6mm magnets and over-wound design give this pickup big personality – with an edge. Thick lows and a growly midrange character define the sound of the HOT series, all while capturing the dynamics and nuances of your playing.

What we think: Perfect for rock and reggae. Looking for something you feel just as much as hear? Want to bring out the subs under the stage? These pickups are warm with a big, pronounced low end and low mids. You’ll get less attack and more bloom than a traditional jazz pickup, and strong output without overwhelming the front end of your amp.



Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire

Magnets: 6mm Alnico V

Leads: Single conductor, heat resistant Teflon® coated

Manufacturer Part Number: 510-077

Dimensions: 1.15” W X 3.74” L (Bridge), 1.15” X 3.60” L (Neck)

If you play modern or aggressive music with your J Bass and need red-hot output to drive your amp, get yourself a set of Aguilar AG 4J-Hot pickups. This overwound pair uses large 6mm magnets to carry your beefiest riffs all the way to your back row. The AG 4J-Hots have great dynamics despite their terrorizing output - you can really feel it when you dig in with your pick and fingers. And because they're quiet, you can lay your distortion on thick without your tone falling apart. GearNuts bassists stand behind our Aguilar pickups.
  • 4-string J Bass Pickup Set with 6mm Alnico V Magnets 42-gauge Heavy Fmvar Copper Wire with Cloth Covering

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