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Arturia - MiniFuse 4 - Compact USB Audio & MIDI Interface with Creative Software for High-Quality Recording, Production, Podcasting, Guitar - BLACK

$219.00 USD
By Arturia

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SKU: ART800103

From the brand

Welcome to Arturia

Arturia was born to allow everyone to make music.

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We create instruments and effects that encourage musical discovery, reward curiosity, and savor the artistic process. We’re an international team of passionate people, on a mission to navigate uncharted sonic territory in the name of creative empowerment.

We provide musicians with an inspiring sonic experience that's instantly accessible, exploratory, and thrilling.

Music production made easy

Arturia’s heritage over the last twenty years has been to provide the best vintage sound combined with modern production capabilities.

Empowering creativity

We want to offer the most intuitive music-making experiences helping everyone explore and create their own sound.

The genesis

It all started when two engineering students, Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil, met at Grenoble Institute of Technology. They saw music and sound as a universe full of creative possibilities, waiting to be explored. So they set off in pursuit of inspiration, founding Arturia in 1999.

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  • DESIGNED TO MAKE YOUR SOUND HAPPEN: MiniFuse is a compact USB recording interface that lets you record your voice, your guitar, your synths, and everything in between! Play, perform, and produce anywhere, from your home studio to the great outdoors, with a plug-and-play workflow that'll get you creating your sound in seconds.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND FOR THE PERFECT GUITAR OR VOCAL TAKE: Whether you’re a guitarist, vocalist, or budding content creator, enjoy the sharpest sound quality with best-in-class audio specs and easy-to-use features. You can also easily capture voiceovers alongside in-app or in-game audio with the useful Loopback feature. Perfect for giving you the premium sound quality your production deserves and letting you make music your way!
  • ALL THE CONNECTIONS YOU NEED: Connect any of your instruments, easily pair it with any microphone for effortless voice and audio recording, and sync it up with your MIDI gear like synths, controllers, and drum machines. It includes 4 Inputs (2x combo Mic/Inst/Line XLR inputs with 48V phantom power + 2x Inst/Line TRS inputs), 4 Outputs (1/4" TRS balanced line outputs), 2 Headphone Outputs with volume control and 2 USB type A hubs (250mA). It also includes 5-pin MIDI input & output connections.
  • BEGINNER-FRIENDLY WITH SOFTWARE INCLUDED: MiniFuse 4 offers easy tutorials, exclusive readymade song projects to explore, and all the creative software you need. Make great-sounding tracks in full (Ableton Live Lite); get hundreds of pro-grade synth & keys sounds (Analog Lab Intro); enjoy that vintage studio sound (Arturia FX); get mix-ready guitar sounds (NI GUITAR RIG 6 LE); nail your vocal melodies (Auto-Tune Unlimited); and discover perfect samples & loops (Splice Creator Plan).
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: MiniFuse 4 is an interface that you can count on, with extensive testing, high-quality components, and a smart design that's built to last. It even comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can get creative without any worries.