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Peavey PVs 15 Vented Powered Bass Subwoofer

$899.99 USD
By Peavey

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SKU: PEA3619310OB

*** Listing is for our demo model that we have on the floor of our retail store. We take great care of our demo model(s). All of the original accessories and packaging will be included! You will be able to register the product as new with the full warranty.

PVs 15 Vented Powered Bass Subwoofer

PVs Series

With over 57 years of experience manufacturing sound reinforcement equipment, Peavey is proud to introduce its new PVs series of subwoofers. From the punchy and portable PVs 15 to the extreme deep bass of the PVs 18, these speakers are perfect for live applications. Where compact and portable are the primary requirements, the amazing new PVs 12 fits the bill.
All PVs subwoofers use high-density materials in their construction to ensure all the energy from the drivers is directed to the audience and not absorbed by the cabinet. Our proprietary drivers and power amps ensure maximum SPL while maintaining the legendary reliability Peavey products are known for.
Built-in crossovers and high-pass outputs ensure our subwoofers can be used in almost any application with a wide variety of speakers and our proprietary Bass Enhancement feature, which allows our speakers to outperform any other subwoofer in their class.
Convenient features such as steel handles and rugged locking casters make the PVs perfect for the road, while the compact PVs 12 makes hiding a subwoofer for an installation easier than ever. Whether you are on the road or in a club, church, restaurant, or bar, the PVs subs are the perfect solution for reliable low end.
PVs 15 Subwoofer
The Peavey PVs 15 Sub is a compact vented powered subwoofer system utilizing a 15" heavy-duty woofer, coupled to a DSP controlled power amplifier with 1,000 watts peak available power. The full-length black perforated steel grille provides protection and a professional appearance, along with the sturdy steel handles for moving the sub. Large heavy-duty locking casters on the rear provide for easy transport on suitable surfaces.
Features include internal line-level crossover with two high-pass outputs, and one full-range thru output. Peavey's new switchable bass enhancer for extra bass punch from low frequency program material is incorporated for maximum versatility.
A threaded pole-mount system provides a sturdy and stable platform to mount a suitably equipped speaker system above the subwoofer.
The PA two-way powered speaker series are an excellent partner for the PVs 15 Sub.The PVs 15 Sub speaker system power amplifier providing the power is a low-distortion reliable fan-cooled unit providing a total of 1,000W peak available power for the system. The power supply for the power amp is a switch mode type for low weight and high efficiency. The amplifier features DSP processing for the crossover functions, compression and limiting, and the low-frequency EQ.
Input is via a combo female XLR and 1/4" TRS phone jack with balanced input to the preamp/EQ electronics, and a gain control. A pair of High-Pass Outputs in the form of male XLR jacks provides a buffered and balanced output signal for satellite speakers to carry the high range of the music. A Full-Range Thru output has a male XLR connector. These outputs allow linking of additional speaker systems, or feed of the signal to other devices.

Vented bass powered subwoofer enclosure
1,000 watts peak available power
15 Heavy Duty Woofer
Power Amp has forced air cooling for maximum reliability
Internal line level low-pass/high-pass crossover network
DSP based crossover, compression, limiting and EQ.
Bass Enhance button for increased bass impact
XLR/quarter inch combo jack input
Two High-Pass XLR outputs, One Full Range Thru XLR output
Polarity Switch for polarity reversal of subwoofer
Ground Lift for lifting cable shield from ground
Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grille
Steel handles=Large heavy-duty locking casters with damped bearings
Compact dimensions for a 15 woofer based sub
Threaded Pole Mount with speaker pole included
Weight Packed: 99.20 lb(45 kg)
Width Packed: 28.1"(71.374 cm)
Height Packed: 21.1"(53.594 cm)
Depth Packed: 29.6"(75.184 cm)