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Ultimate Support MS Series Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand with Non-marring Decoupling Pads

$225.00 USD

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SKU: ULT17380

Ultimate Support Ultimate Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand, Red, 36" (MS9036R)

MS Series Monitor Stands
MS-90/45R Professional Column Monitor Speaker Stands with Three Internal Chambers, PAIR, 45" Red
The MS Series monitor stands from Ultimate Support are much more than they appear to be. Hidden inside the sleek anodized aluminum columns are three chambers: one for routing power cables, one for audio cables, and a large center chamber to fill with the ballast of your choice. The conductive aluminum effectively shields the cables, allowing them to live together in harmony without noise or interference. The ballast chamber means the MS Series becomes a fully FLOATING system -performing as well or better than custom designs costing thousands more.

All of the MS Series stands feature 4 layers of mechanical decoupling and include the option of spiked or ball feet. The top-of-the-line MS-100B/R has a patented mechanical platform that further isolates the speaker and allows fine adjustment of angle and tilt, while the MS-80 offers the same features for the desktop or meter bridge. Available in 36” or 45” heights, in black or classy red.

MS-90/45R Features
Sonic Isolation and Decoupling
Two Internal Channels for Cable Management and Shielding
Large Internal Chamber for Ballast - Creates a Fully FLOATING system
Elegant Ultimate Support Design
Minimal Footprint
Available in Two Heights and Two Colors
MS-90/45R Specs
Load Capacity: 75 lbs. (34 kg)
Height: 45" (1145mm)
Weight: 10.7 lbs. (4.85 kg)
Base Diameter: 19" (483mm)
Top Plate: 10.25" x 10.25" (305mm - 260mm)
Color: Red Base and Platform with Black Column and Fittings
Closeup of 3 Internal Chambers
Three Internal Chambers
Inside the solid extruded aluminum column, there are three hidden chambers. Two are optimized for running power and audio cables; the solid aluminum provides shielding for great, interference and hum-free sound. Cables exit the bottom of the stand underneath the feet, for a sleek, ultra-clean look.

The third, larger chamber is for adding ballast. When filled, it works with the stand's 4 other decoupling points to create a fully FLOATING system, making it perform as well or better than exotic custom stands costing thousands.

Closeup of Decoupling Gasket
4 Stages of Decoupling
The MS Series feature four separate stages of mechanical isolation, to decouple vibrations and prevent transmission and energy loss. What does that mean? It means that your speakers will sound more focused and clear, eliminating mud and blurriness. It means a wider and deeper stereo field. It also means that you won't transmit bass energy to the floor (or vice-versa) which will makes everyone around you happier.

Closeup of Feet
Versatile Feet / Sleek Expandable Design
The feet of the MS Series feature spikes for maximum isolation, and optional rubber caps are included to protect hardwood floors or other delicate surfaces. The base is designed with a minimal footprint, to allow positioning the stand in exactly the right spot. The low-profile base also slides under many desks or racks, and the spikes can also be removed for even lower clearance.

Ultimate Support's sleek column design with hidden internal cabling is extremely modern and clean, and will elevate the look and style of your system as it elevates your speakers. It can also be expanded with the MS-80B adjustable platform, for additional isolation and extra flexibility in placing your speakers. The MS-90/45R's revised design features a recessed groove in the top plate that makes it even easier to adjust the axis of your speakers when using an MS-80B.

The new MS Series studio reference monitor stands from Ultimate Support offer unparalleled innovation and strength for professional, project, and home studios alike. The MS-80 is a desktop monitor stand that features non-slip, high-density acoustic foam and an angle-adjustable base that allows the end user to fine tune the sweet spot. The MS-90 is a column monitor stand...
  • Sonic Isolation and Decoupling
  • Three Channels for Cable and Weight Management
  • Ultimate Support Design
  • Available in Two Heights